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Availability and value (work package 4)

Purpose: To increase the availability of antibiotics in Sweden through analyses of costs related to shortages, mapping of delivery chains and support to implementations of measures against shortages.

In our work package we rely on expertise help from University of Gothenburg, University of Linköping, Uppsala University, RISE, the Public Health Agency of Sweden (PHAS), The Swedish Pharmacists Society, , the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry association of Sweden, and the corporations MSD, Pfizer, Recipharm, Tamro and Viatris. We work to support the measures that prevent and address shortage situations of antibiotics, such as safety stock, fixed yearly payments and central coordination.

What we are working with right now:

  • To motivate the investments needed for these measures that are going to prevent shortages we perform healtheconomic analysis. We define new principles to assess the value of antibiotics. We are performing analysis of healtheconomic costs related to shortages through registry- and case studies for example. We have started the data collection for this from four regions in Sweden.
  • To evaluate the effects of selected measures we perform modelling and simulations of the system for supply and purchase of antibiotics. Recently we have validated a model for simulation of supply chains and started simulation of the effects of safety stocks during different types of disturbances (for example stop of production or a epidemic).
  • Participates in policy discussions with decision-makers for new models and incentives to enhance the availability of antibiotics on a Swedish, Nordic and European level.

Work package leader:

Bild på Enrico Baraldi

Enrico Baraldi

Position: Professor at the Department for Buisness Studies

Institution: Uppsala University

Håkan Hanberger

Position: Professor at the Department for Biomedical and Clinical Sciences

Institution: Linköping University


  • PLATINEA is a multisectoral collaboration platform with the aim to preserve and enhance the value of existing antibiotics. The common goal is to ensure that the antibiotics available today are used in the best way.


PLATINEA is funded by VINNOVA - Sweden's Innovation Agency.

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