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"Needs-driven research and multisectoral collaboration to keep antibiotics working"

PLATINEA - PLATform for INnovation of Existing Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance is an increasingly concerning issue in healthcare, with a growing number of bacterial strains becoming resistant to various types of antibiotics. To address this challenge, there is a pressing need for multiple substances and formulations to be made available to healthcare providers. In this regard, PLATINEA (PLATform for INnovation of Existing Antibiotics) is a collaboration platform that aims to optimize the use of existing antibiotics and increase the accessibility of vital antibiotics that risk becoming unavailable in Sweden.

PLATINEA serves as a forum for relevant stakeholders to meet, discuss and work towards the shared objective of addressing the gap between the needs and availability of antibiotics. By optimizing antibiotic use, PLATINEA aims to preserve the efficacy of existing antibiotics and ensure that patients continue to have access to the best possible treatments. PLATINEA is an important tool to address antibiotic resistance, and it offers a promising path forward for collaboration within the Swedish healthcare system.


PLATINEA consists of several organizations that collaborate to enhance the value of existing antibiotics, within the fight against antibiotic resistance. We explain more about the collaboration platform PLATINEA in this video:


  • PLATINEA is a multisectoral collaboration platform with the aim to preserve and enhance the value of existing antibiotics. The common goal is to ensure that the antibiotics available today are used in the best way.


PLATINEA is funded by VINNOVA - Sweden's Innovation Agency.

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