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Proposals for studies for the best possible use of antibiotics

The Public Health Agency of Sweden, in collaboration with PLATINEA, has inventoried the knowledge gaps and needs for scientific studies that exist in the area of antibiotic use.

To slow down the development of antibiotic resistance, we need increased knowledge about how to use antibiotics in the best way. In order to achieve this, need-based research from the perspective of healthcare is of utmost importance. Now, as part of the involvement in PLATINEA's work package 1, the Public Health Authority has compiled a list of scientific studies that are particularly keen to do. The proposals are drawn up with a structured and open process in consultation with a reference group. The list is intended to stimulate research that can directly be of practical use in healthcare. The list can be found on the Public Health Agency's website and is also sent directly to organizations that distribute funds for research to inform about which studies the healthcare system itself considers needs to be prioritized. The aim is for the list to be helpful in the distribution of funds so that care can be taken into account.
Link to compiled list. (In Swedish).


  • PLATINEA is a multisectoral collaboration platform with the aim to preserve and enhance the value of existing antibiotics. The common goal is to ensure that the antibiotics available today are used in the best way.


PLATINEA is funded by VINNOVA - Sweden's Innovation Agency.

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