2024-02-12 PLATINEA (AP1 and AP4) and The Public Health Agency of Sweden have mapped the antibiotic market with focus on clinically prioritized antibiotics at risk for insufficient availability. Access to children's formulations is a particular problem. The results reveal noticeable differences between the Nordic countries despite likely similar medical needs, and indicate potential for harmonisation. Download the report.

2022-12-13  The Public Health Agency, in collaboration with PLATINEA, within work package 1, has updated the priority list for medically important antibiotics with a risk of insufficient availability.  Read the list.

2021-04-14 Five interesting partial reports from PLATINEA are now available (In Swedish):
Regional compensation modelsNational compensations modelsCentral coordinationIntegrated data systemsRegulatory questions 

2020-10-07 The third preliminary report of PLATINEA: "From more than 60 causes to 10 measures against lack of access to antibiotics". (In Swedish) Preliminary report.

2020-03-05 Second preliminary report: "Risk factors for shortages and barriers to the availability of antibiotics in Sweden + PLATINEA's map of causes". (In Swedish) Preliminary report.

2020-01-11 First preliminary report from work packages 1 and 4 on measures to improve availability of antibiotics in Sweden: national safety stocks - a quick solution to antibiotic shortages. (In Swedish) Preliminary report.


2022-10-23 "Applying the resource interaction approach to policy analysis – Insights from the antibiotic resistance challenge". Article by Enrico Baraldi and Sofia Wagrell on how to make policy analyzes of the AMR problem using certain tools from the management field. Read the article.

2022-09-06 "Association Between Time to Appropriate Antimicrobial Treatment and 30-day Mortality in Patients With Bloodstream Infections: A Retrospective Cohort Study". Article by Pontus Naucler (active within work package 5 in PLATINEA) and colleagues on the association between time to comprehensive antibiotic treatment and mortality in patients with bacteremia. Read the article.

2022-05-23 "The Swedish model for prioritising research on the use of antibiotics: Aligning public funding with research gaps". Article about the Swedish model for prioritizing antibiotic research by Gunilla Skoog Ståhlgren, Malin Grape and Charlotta Edlund. Read the article

2019-05-20 "Managing pollution from antibiotics manufacturing: charting actors, incentives and counterincentives”. Preprint of an article written by a PLATINEA participant, Christian Munthe, together with Niels Nijsingh and Joakim Larsson, all from Gothenburg University. This article maps relevant key actor types to address the problem of environmental emissions from antibiotic production. Also discussed are their stakes and interests, incentives that might motivate them to act to improve the situation, as well as countermeasures that might undermine such motivation. Read the preprint here. Note the article was later published on 2019. Read the article here.


2024-01-26 The Public Health Agency of Sweden and PLATINEA has listed knowledge gaps within antibioticresearch. Charlotta Edlund who has coordinated the work has been interviewed by LäkemedelsVärlden in this article

2020-03-11 Interesting article discussing future solutions to antibiotic shortages - "Can AI prevent antibiotic shortages?". Published in Läkemedelsvärlden 10 March 2020. (In Swedish) Read the article.

2020-03-09 Article focusing on mapping antibiotic shortages - "New report: At least 60 reasons for antibiotic shortages". Published in LäkemedelsVärlden on March 9, 2020. (In Swedish) Read the article.

2020-03-03 Article regarding antibiotics and shortages - "Antibiotics - life-threatening shortages require action". Published in Läkartidningen on March 3, 2020. (In Swedish) Read the article.

2020-01-14 Article regarding backlogs and drug shortages of antibiotics - "The shortage of antibiotics is so worrying that national stocks should be introduced immediately". The article was published in LäkemedelsVärlden on January 14, 2020. (In Swedish). Read the article.

2019-11-12 New article in Läkartidningen points to the importance of several types of innovation to combat antibiotic resistance, including systemic innovation such as PLATINEA! (In Swedish). Read the article.

2019-06-22 This article describes the problem of backlog of drugs and more specifically antibiotics. The article was published in DN on June 22, among others, PLATINEA participant Thomas Tängdén is interviewed. (In Swedish). Read the article.


Grau Granada & Wanner. (2019). Managing supply chain sustainability risks of antibiotics - a case study within Sweden. Summary: Antibiotic resistance is classified as one of the main threats to human health. This phenomenon is increasing exponentially due to the misuse and overuse of antibiotics and is responsible for 700,000 deaths annually globally (estimated at 10 million annually by 2050 if it continues at the same rate). Waste from manufacturing facilities is the third largest factor in resistance development. Because of this, sustainability and environmental risk management in the pharmaceutical industry are crucial. Pharmaceutical supply chains are extremely complex due to the highly regulated environment and global distribution. Therefore, supply chain sustainability risks must be carefully evaluated and managed. This work aims to identify the sustainability risks that threaten the continuous supply of antibiotics. Link to the degree project report. 

Garlapati & Sewoyo. (2019). Improving antibiotic availability by restructuring the supply chain - a case study within Sweden. Summary: Increasing antibiotic resistance is a major threat facing the world. Due to a lack of the right antibiotics, suboptimal antibiotics are prescribed, which has been shown to accelerate the development of resistance. The study proposes two models to implement; a database for information exchange that enables better, faster and more accurate communication between all actors involved in the supply chain as well as a centralized storage model for the storage of critical antibiotics. Link to the degree project report.


2022-12-16 Enrico Baraldi and Bengt Mattsson from PLATINEA participate in LIF:s podcast on antibiotic resistance. In Swedish.

2022-06-16 PLATINEA's work is presented in UppTalk Weekly; a popular science seminar series via Zoom. (In Swedish). Link to the episode.

2022-05-12 Forska Sweden highlights projects in precision health, including PLATINEA's work (see from minute 9.20 approximately). (In Swedish). Link to the short film.

2020-11-20 PLATINEA is presented at the Public Health Agency's Antibiotic Forum Panel discussion at antibiotic forum - where will we be in five years? Link to all recordings from the day. In swedish.

2020-03-23 Recording of the breakfast seminar "The fight against antibiotic resistance - why there will be a shortage of antibiotics", arranged by the Apotekarsocieteten and LäkemedelsVärlden on March 10, 2020. PLATINEA presents risk factors and possible solutions. Link to the recording. In Swedish.

2019-11-21 Studio Ett in Swedish Radio reports on increasing problems with medicines that run out. In the feature, we hear among others one of PLATINEA's members, Bengt Mattson, from the industry organization Läkemedelsföretagen. Listen to the program. In Swedish.


2019-10-08 Expert statement "Clearer responsibility and rules for pharmaceuticals" (SOU 2018:89). This submission discusses the areas of the investigation that are relevant to PLATINEA, more specifically antibiotics and the design of reimbursement models for medicines. This statement has been written through discussions in AP4 and PLATINEA's management group and steering group. Read the expert statement.

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