Work package 3- Implementation of new methods and models to promote rational use of antibiotics in healthcare.

Purpose: To conduct intervention studies and implement new methods for rational antibiotic use, and establish a national collaboration for clinical studies.

The main objective of Work package 3 is to apply existing knowledge on how antibiotics should be used optimally in healthcare. Strama (the Swedish Strategic Programme in Antibiotic Resistance) has a key role in the implementation of measures to promote rational prescription of antibiotics, such as antibiotic stewardship rounds whereby specialists in infectious diseases give advice on individualized treatment at selected hospital departments. Besides the direct benefit for the patient, the project also contributes to strengthening national cooperation in clinical research. The projects are conducted in close collaboration with Strama and the newly established research network ACTION Sweden, which includes representatives from all university hospitals. We aim to create a permanent platform for clinical studies that can facilitate the evaluation of new treatments and tools in bacterial infections. The network can work as a “single entry point” for future randomized studies.

Work package leader:

Thomas Tängdén


Position: Associate Professor at Department of Medical Sciences

Affiliation: Uppsala University

Last modified: 2023-03-02