Work package 2 - Studies generating new knowledge on how antibiotic use can be optimized to enhance efficacy and reduce the risks of side effects and resistance development.

Purpose: To generate new knowledge to inform rational and individualized use of antibiotics.

Work package 2 includes optimization studies (both preclinical and clinical), which aim to bring forth new evidence about how antibiotics should be used and dosed optimally for individual patients, to achieve high therapeutic effecicacy and low risks of side effects/development of resistance. The selection of studies is based upon the national inventory of knowledge gaps (performed within WP1) and considering which of these studies contribute to precision medicine. This work package will investigate new models and methods for optimized dosing strategy of vancomycin and betalactam antibiotics in the hospital setting.

The work package includes also in vitro studies on how the activity of existing antibiotics can be enhanced by using combinations or new dosing strategies. We are also exploring the negative effects of antibiotics on the intestinal microbiota, with the aim to inform treatment strategies and recommendations.

Work package leader:

Elisabet Nielsen


Position: Associate professort at the department of pharmacy

Affiliation: Uppsala university

Last modified: 2023-03-02