Work package 6 – Project management.

Purpose: To manage and administer the project, as well as to coordinate activities within the other work packages and communicate with external parties.

PLATINEA 2.0 is coordinated by Uppsala University. Work package 6 deals with project management, including strategic decisions about activities, new parties and budget-related questions. Strategic decisions about cooperation formats, new parties and the overall direction of the project are made together with PLATINEA’s steering group.  Next to this group, there is a consulting reference group where representatives from other key organizations in the Swedish antibiotic field are included to ensure that PLATINEA’s activities are attuned with and complement (instead of overlapping) other initiatives about antibiotics in Sweden, and internationally. Work package 6 also deals with external communication in order to spread new evidence, methods and models developed within PLATINEA to external parties.

WP6 is led by all WP leaders and coordinated by:

Therese Fagerqvist


Position: Collaboration manager at Innovation Partnership Office

Affiliation: Uppsala University

Last modified: 2023-03-03