The activities of the platform are divided into five different work packages (WP 1-5). The aim of the work packages is to preserve and enhance the value of existing antibiotics for future generations.

Work packages 1-5

To improve accessibility and use of antibiotics in Sweden, management of four different interfaces involving antibiotics is required:

WP1) Antibiotics - Patient populations: to identify knowledge gaps regarding the use of existing antibiotics in different patient populations, the importance of each antibiotic, and the consequences and actions in case of any shortages.

WP2) Antibiotics - Pathogen (patient with infection): to understand how the use of existing antibiotics can be improved and optimized individually and for specific infections.

WP3) Antibiotics - Physician: to understand and influence the use of antibiotics in healthcare through clinical practice.

WP4) Antibiotic - Supplier: to understand which factors affect accessibility of antibiotics, and to identify which measures that in the in the long run can prevent shortages, mainly regarding every individual antibiotic supply chain.

WP5) Project management and administration, as well as coordination of WP1-4.

Last modified: 2021-11-16