PLATINEA’s organization consists of the General Assembly, , the the leading group, project administration, the steering group and a reference group.

The most important questions and decisions are made in the General Assembly, where every part included in PLATINEA’s project agreement has a vote. The leading group consists of the leaders of the 6 operative work packages and the project administration. The project administration is directly involved in WP6: they coordinate and administer the other 5 work packages in order to connect them and support PLATINEA’s innovative model for selection, steering and implementation of optimization projects. The steering group consists of experts who will ensure that the project is in line with PLATINEA’s general goal. Connected to the leading group is also a reference group which has an advisory role.

Project management

Thomas Tängdén (Strama, UU), Project manager

WP managers

WP1 is managed by Charlotta Edlund (the Public Health Agency of Sweden).

WP2 is managed by Elisabet Nielsen (UU).

WP3 is managed by Thomas Tängdén (Strama, UU) and Fredrik Resman (SUS).

WP4 is managed by Enrico Baraldi (UU) and Håkan Hanberger (LiU).

WP5 is managed by Pontus Nauclér (KI).

WP6 is managed by all WP-managers and Therese Fagerqvist (UU).

Last modified: 2023-01-03