The Public Health Agency of Sweden has been assigned by the Swedish Government to conduct a prestudy regarding antibiotic stocks


The Public Health Agency of Sweden receives a government assignment to conduct a prestudy about a new compensation model for security stocks of generic antibiotics.

In June 2023, the Swedish Government gave the Public Health Agency of Sweden an assignment to perform a prestudy regarding a new model for compensation to companies which provide a security stock of prioritized antibiotics, especially older ones. The Public Health Agency is expected to identify criteria and guidelines for this payment model, including the following: a selection procedure and a set of selected antibiotic products, a payment level and specific requirements for companies to be involved in the model.

The government assignment builds on earlier collaboration between PLATINEA and The Public Health Agency of Sweden and PLATINEA will consulted if needed to provide their viewpoints during this assignment as well.

Last modified: 2023-03-03