Summary of PLATINEA´s workshop the 3rd of may 2023, in The Swedish pharmaceutical society premises in Stockholm.


The workshop kicked-off with Thomas and Enrico welcoming all 40 participants!

Pontus Naucler presents work package 5

The first part of the day contained of presentations from the different work packages. 

Starting off with work package 5 led by Pontus Naucler. Amongst other thing they are working on algorithms to be able to perform data register studies in Region Västerbotten. And they also have a project ongoing with an ER where they are trying, with help of AI, to fins patients with a lower risk of severe infection to thereby increase the prescription of antibiotics.

Then it was Enrico and Håkan´s turn to take over the stage and present work package 4’s progress in finding new ways to evaluate antibiotics, creating a network with Nordic and European initiatives for cooperation and coordination. Together with 4 students that presented interesting business-cases regarding two antibiotics that are difficult to access in Sweden (and how to eventually make them more accessible).

The students present their business cases 

After that it was time for a quick coffee break (aka Swedish “fika”).

Anne Bergman presents work package 1

After the coffee break Anne Bergman and Charlotta Edlund (via internet) and presented work package 1’s advancements, for example with a list of antibiotic products that are at risk to be inaccessible in Sweden (in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Sweden). And a renewed inventory of knowledge gaps, and mapping of antibiotic needs in the Nordic countries. Work package 1 also organizes digital discussion forums 2-3 times per year. Keep a lookout in our event calendar!

Next up to present was Thomas and Elisabet for work package 2 and 3. Within work package 2, optimization studies there is amongst others a study ongoing about endocarditis (a concentration study), and another study about the antibiotics effect on the bowel flora. Implementation project ongoing right now are among others “antibiotic rounds” and another project regarding antibiotic prescription to children is in the starting phase.

Thomas Tängdén and Elisabet Nielsen present workpackage 2 and 3

After the work packages had presented their achievements and work throughout the year, it was time for some well-deserved lunch.

After the lunchbreak it was time for Eva Garmendia to present the new homepage look for PLATINEA, and Therese Fagerqvist to present the new graphic profile of PLATINEA (part of the profile is available to download here).

Therese Farqvist presentes de new graphic profile

The focus then shifted towards PLATINEAS vision and future among international initiatives in the AMR area. Inspiring and interesting discussions were held in smaller, and in larger groups amongst the participants regarding PLATINEAS role among other AMR initiatives, profile within education and research, and what PLATINEA contributes with that is unique. The day ended with another “Swedish fika” with cake.

The PLATINEA family at the end of the day (with new logo!)

We want to send a big thank you to all our participants, and we hope to meet you all again at our next workshop during fall!

Last modified: 2023-03-03