Logos & Templates


The new logo for PLATINEA is available in several colors and with and without our tagline. You can download them here (click the relevant link and then save the image via right click and save option). Make sure to use a logo that allows good visibility in the background that is used. All logos available for download here are in PNG format. If you need a different format, please contact our web support.

The first logo, with text in dark blue and the illustration in green, is the first choice and is to always be used against a light background. The logo versions with white text are used against dark backgrounds or photos/illustrations if the contrast is needed.

Green + Dark blue

Green + White

White + White

Green + Dark blue (with tagline)

Green + White (with tagline)

White + White (with tagline)


We encourage our PLATINEA members to use the following Word and PowerPoint templates when presenting and sharing PLATINEA material and work. Important Note: for the templates to work properly, you have to install our custom font Interfirst. Click here to download an instalation guide.


Last modified: 2023-08-07