PLATINEA's history

The idea of PLATINEA started during an AIMday in 2016. During this day, organizations, companies, authorities and researchers gathered to discuss current societal needs and issues. Among the issues discussed were the opportunity to stimulate further development of existing antibiotics and how to ensure the availability of some key antibiotics. It became clear that there are no existing systems or processes that identify the actual needs of antibiotics by the healthcare sector and link them to relevant skills and competences in academia and industry, to provide antibiotics that meet these needs. As a neutral party Uppsala University took the initiative to create a new platform, where companies, authorities and healthcare can discuss and collaborate in order to jointly address the problem of inappropriate use and insufficient availability of antibiotics. Funding from the innovation-supporting organization UU Innovation supported a preliminary study which established new contacts with suitable actors to start creating this new platform.

In 2017, the project was granted funding from Vinnova (Sweden's Innovation Agency). This gave the opportunity to build the platform with suitable partners and formulate the purpose for PLATINEA. The partners agreed to move on with four areas / work packages (WP1, WP2, WP3 & WP4) in order to contribute to improved availability and appropriate use of existing antibiotics in Sweden.

In December 2018, PLATINEA was granted further funding from Vinnova (2018-2020) and the collaboration platform PLATINEA consisting of 15 partners from academia, authorities, industry and healthcare was now up and running.

In 2021 Vinnova - Sweden's Innovation Agency funded PLATINEA once again through their fundings for Innovation enviroments within precision medicine. Today our cooperation platform consists of 21 partners.

In spring 2021, work package 4 published a series of reports covering PLATINEA's 10 priority actions to address antibiotic backlogs. During the fall of 2021, PLATINEA received additional financing from Vinnova that extends up to in 2026 through their "Environments for innovations", and that we got two new partners that same autumn: Tamro/Läkemedelsdistrubitionsföreningen and Umeå University).

During 2022, PLATINEA collaborated with the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and TLV under their government mandate to develop solutions to improve the availability of medically important antibiotics in Sweden. During the fall of 2022, PLATINEA further welcomed three new parties; KarPharma, Cortexa Life Science and Region Västerbotten.

At the end of 2022, beginning of 2023, work package 1 worked on mapping the antibiotic needs in Scandinavia. To be able to identify common needs and opportunities to rationalize the product range across the Scandinavian countries.

During the spring of 2023, PLATINEA supported the Swedish government/embassadorship in EU2023 in the preparations for the high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance that took place in Stockholm on March 6-7.

Kick off PLATINEA December 18 2018.

Last modified: 2023-03-02