"Maintain the value of existing antibiotics for future generations"

PLATINEA - A multisectorial collaboration platform to preserve and enhance the value of existing antibiotics.


More and more bacteria are becoming resistant to various types of antibiotics, and healthcare therefore needs access to several different preparations. PLATINEA (PLATform for INnovation of Existing Antibiotics) is a collaboration platform that aims to optimize the use of existing antibiotics and to increase the accessibility of important antibiotics that risk disappearing from Sweden. PLATINEA identifies the gap between needs and available antibiotics and offers a forum where relevant actors can meet and work towards the long-term goal of optimizing antibiotic use, thereby increasing the lifespan of existing antibiotics.


PLATINEA consists of multiple organizations that work towards enhancing the value of existing antibiotics, within the fight against antibiotic resistance. We explain more about the cooperating platform PLATINEA in this video:



  • Managing pollution from antibiotics manufacturing: charting actors, incentives and counterincentives” is a preprint of a paper written by a PLATINEA participant, Christian Munthe, together with Niels Nijsingh and Joakim Larsson, all from the University of Gothenburg. This paper charts relevant key actor-types to handle the problem of environmental emissions from antibiotic production. Also discussed are their stakes and interests, incentives that can motivate them to act to improve the situation as well as counterincentives that may undermine such motivation. 


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Previous published material such as reports, articles and master theses.

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